Wie wird Goodvine's hergestellt?

Vom Wein zur stilvollen Erfrischung

The Production

In addition to our selected wine, Goodvine's Winesoda is produced using the latest technology and the knowledge of experienced wine dealcoholisers.      

During the so-called vacuum distillation the alcohol contained in the wine evaporates already at 30°C. This not only preserves the fine bouquet notes, but also the slightly volatile aromas that would otherwise be lost during distillation. The wine thus retains its authentic taste.

During the bottling process, an extra shot of carbonic acid is added to the dealcoholised wine. The result is a sparkling, alcohol-free soft drink without artificial flavor enhancers.

After a resting period of 2-3 weeks, Goodvine's Winesoda is ready for enjoyment.


The dealcoholisation process consists of three stages:  


In the first step, a wine selected and particularly suitable for this process is gently heated to approx. 30°C in stainless steel funnels under vacuum. A wafer-thin film forms on the walls of the funnel, from which the bouquet, i.e. the slightly volatile, flavouring substances, are first gently dissolved, collected and stored separately in a protective container.


In a second step, the wine is dealcoholised. The wine alcohol evaporates completely under a correspondingly high vacuum. The natural bouquet from the previous step is added unchanged to the now alcohol-free wine. 


In the last step before bottling, the product is harmonized. By the addition of the so-called expedition liqueur(French: liqueur d'expédition) our wine soda gets its special taste rounding.

Goodvine's Weinsoda 0,33l