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GOODVINES - sparkling Riesling - 2er Package

2x 0,75l disposable bottle, price per bottle: 8,68€ (11,57 €/liter)

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    The stylish and natural alternative to sweet lemonades, juice spritzers and alcoholic drinks.Whether pure or as a base for cocktails and long drinks, this sparkling Riesling pleasure is the ideal non-alcoholic alternative at any time and for any occasion.

    This exceptional non-alcoholic pleasure is produced on the basis of a fruity-tart Riesling, which perfectly balances sweetness and acidity thanks to its lively acidity and authentic aroma of yellow fruits. The Wine is gently dealcoholized under vacuum and refined with a shot of carbonic acid. Thus, the natural sweetness of the Riesling grape is highlighted animatingly fresh. The addition of artificial flavors and artificial sugar is avoided out of conviction - for the highest purity and an authentic taste experience. 

    Perfect as a gift, as a high-quality food accompaniment or as a tangy-harsh mixer for your drinks.#goodvinesrezepte 


    simply Riesling with all its varietal aromatics

    - fine mineral note

    - fresh and lively
    - Sparkling-fresh. Fruity-tart

    - perfectly balanced fruit-acid game

    Culinary recommendation:
    GOODVINES sparkling Riesling is a universal companion of many, definitely also heartier dishes. It goes perfectly with fish, seafood or white meat, but also with beef, game or wild fowl.

    Like all our non-alcoholic wines, this wine creation guarantees you a high-quality and authentic wine enjoyment without alcohol.

    Serviertemparatur: 5-7°C

    Perlendes Getränk aus entalkoholisiertem Wein Riesling.
    Zutaten: alkoholfreier Riesling, Kohlensäure, Konservierungsstoff: Schwefeldioxid,

    Nährwerte pro 100ml:
    Brennwert: 106KJ/25kcal
    Fett: <0,5g - davon gesättigte Fettsäuren: <0,1g
    Kohlenhydrate: 5,73g - davon Zucker: 5,7g
    Eiweiß: <0,5g
    Salz: <0,01g

    Alkoholgehalt: <0,5 % vol.