GOODVINES | GlühVine white dealcoholized

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    GOODVINES white GlühVine is a non-alcoholic cuvée of Riesling and Chardonnay, finely flavored with the best mulled wine spice essences. With its authentic taste, the scent of winter spices such as clove, cinnamon, cardamom and anise, the velvety texture and the mild-warm finish, it is a perfect mulled wine alternative for all those who want or need to do without alcohol even in winter. You don't miss any alcohol.

    GOODVINES GlühVine guarantees a particularly authentic drinking pleasure because it is based on non-alcoholic wine and not on grape or fruit juice. Thus, it shows an adult character and has nothing in common with children's punch. With GOODVINES you taste wine instead of sweet and sour juice!


    Serving suggestions: heat gently, do not boil, serve hot.

     Nutritional values per 100ml
     Energy 197KJ/ 47kcal
     Fat  <0,5g
     thereof saturated fatty acids <0,1g
     Carbohydrates 11,3g
     Sugar 10,6g
     Protein <0,5g
     Salt <0,01g



    Allergen information:Contains sulfites, sulfur dioxide
    Alcohol content:0 % Vol.
    Grape variety:Chardonnay, Cuvée (Weiss), Riesling
    Content:0,75 l
    Category:Non-alcoholic, mulled wine, white wine
    Closure:Screw cap
    Quality level:Flavored drink from non-alcoholic wine
    Drinking temperature:Heat gently, do not boil, serve hot